As the OCENG company we partake for a long time in areas of repairs, services and spare parts aquisitions.
Primarily we direct our activity towards the construction machines and equipment. We also offer attachments for construction machines in our sortiment.

Work more efficiently

Are you getting ready for large construction therefore in need of quality equipment? We are going to help you! Everyone can choose from our soriment. We have a large quantity and types of attachments for construction machines and equipment, which will make your work more efficient and can save you the precious time and money.

Construction machinery attachments

Ask for the best! We offer many different attachments for many different machines, which can make your work much more easier. You can choose from wide variety of products.

  • Digging buckets for excavators
  • Skeleton buckets
  • Buckets for loaders
  • Telescopic handler buckets
  • Crusher buckets
  • Screening buckets
  • PIN-ON quick couplers
  • VERACHTERT quick couplers
  • LEHNHOFF quick couplers
  • Rippers
  • Twists and Rototwist quick coupling SMP
  • Grapples

We can also provide attachments from italian manufacturer Cangini Benne to our customers, since we are one of the Cangini dealers in the Czech Republic

Specialists will help you

In case of any questions you can contact us. We will help you with choosing the right attachment for your machine and your work. We can also help you if you want to only lent the needed machine. For low prices you can equire an efficient equipment, which will make your life easier.