Blades, cutting edges, wear plates and wear elements

In construction and mining production are used special materials for harsh conditions. These materials are prepared and customized for specific operations and conditions for your construction machinery to be the most efficient. The advantages of these materials are their very high wear resistance and resistance against mechanical damage in regards to the working environment they are in. And after the professional consultation with us, which we can happily provide to you, we will be glad if you are going to choose optimal variant for your equipment. Rise your work efficiency with high quality blades, cutting edges, wear plates or wear elements from us.

ESTI blades

Our blades are rolled and induction hardened, and with different variants. We offer single beveled drilled blades, double beveled blades with hardness of 250HB, 400HB and 500HB, blades without beveles (the so called "armor") with hardness 500HB, half arrow profiles with hardness 500HB and special BOFORS profile (has the raindrop shape for easier removing of bolt shoes on machines with steel tracks) also with hardness of 500HB.

Structural and wear resistant plates HARDOX

We are also offering plates for construction, either as a complete sheets or as different cut shapes, which are further shaped (with bending, rounding and fencing), we drill, we lathe, we mill, we harden and do other kinds of processing. The most used materials are ČSN 11.523 (S355), HARDOX, WELDOX, BRINAR, XAR, DUROSTAT, ROC.

Structural and wear resistant bars and thick walled tubes

We are supplying the circular steel in different quality and classes of strength according to either your or our specific requirements. The same applies for other metallurgical material like steel hollow squares, pipes, thick walled tubes, flat bars. We can also offer you original HARDOX pipes in metre as a novelty.

Wear elements – castings

Wear elements - castings are cast with high volume of mangan and supplied with strength of 420 - 550HB. These are bottom arch protections, lip shrouds, heel srouds, other reinforcments and edges.

Wear elements – HARDOX.

We also manufacture wear elements from HARDOX 400 - 600.

Bicomponent wear elements – WHITE IRON

These are two-component wear elements, manufactured with unique technology - bottom half is relatively soft (for easier welding) and upper half is especially adjusted up to 70HRC!!

These include chocky bars, shrouds, wear buttons.

Each of our blades, wear parts and wear elements are with premade dimensions or we can customize them with regards to your needs and machine. We guarantee first class quality and satisfaction with our products.