Undercarriage repairs and replacements

Does your machine have a defect, doesn't function as it should or is in need of an overhaul? We can help you! We are providing undercarriage repairs and replacements for all tracked machines such as bulldozers, excavators and much more. Depending on the scope, we can also carry out repairs of crawler undercarriages in the field at your construction site. For the complete undercarriage change we have parts with special mechanization and modern technologies.

Field repairs - mobile service

Feel free to use our field repairs mobile service. We can replace the needed components or entire undercarriages directly on the spot. We can also provide complete overhaul including power unit replacement. Our mobile service is able to remove the defect of your machine on the spot and bring the machine into the working order.

Workshop repairs

In case of larger repairs we recommend to transport your machine to our specialized workshop. We can provide transport for any machine with the help of our partner.

Which machines can we repair?

With the exception of patented undercarriage systems, we are able to repair and get up and running 95% of crawler machines, which are used during construction work in Czech Republic. We mainly offer and install undercarriages of BERCO, which belongs to one of the best worldwide brands. We can also offer alternatives, which will save the repair time and even your finances. 


Each repair is consulted in advance, which means that the result is always as we set together. As part of our services we also provide consultancy and diagnostics. Don't hesitate to contact us for more info about undercarriage repairs.