Rubber tracks for mini excavators

Short description:

Our tracks provide excellent durability and resistance to damage and serious defects.


Properties of rubber tracks for mini excavators:

  • clear external 35 iron core, which prevents the track from dismounting, considerably minimizing vibrations and ensuring smoother and quieter movement (A)
  • core which makes the undercarriage parts last longer and reduces machine noise (D)
  • more pronounced cut pattern resistant to cross-sections (E)
  • side guard, which protects track edges against cutting, also protects ropes and iron core against damage - provides the correct mounting of the tracks (C)
  • anti corrosion steel ropes for extraordinary thrust
  • upgraded rubber layer for better resistance against cutting and straining
  • even distribution of ropes for even tensioning of the track
  • self cleaning pattern
  • pattern design for better traction and lower vibrations (E)
  • modern rubber composition
  • rubber components with high resistance to abrasion
  • maximum resistance against cutting and tearing